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Better Than Ever

Attention Divorced women!!

Discover how to recover from divorce and create a new life in no time.

24 International Speakers from Four Continents help you learn how to Heal and Experience Transformation.


Dr. Adio-Moses

Dr.Rev.Dee Adio-Moses 

Dear friend, Welcome to our online membership community.

If you have had serious Long Term Relationship Breakup, experiencing Pain, Hurt, Betrayal, Disappointment and the Pressure and Anxiety of  Starting Over, you are in the right place. Better Than Ever Community is where you come for your Transformative Journey to restart your life. You will find support for you to Heal From your Breakup, Learn Self Love, and Start your life Anew. This is going to be a life changing experience for you.

When one gets hurt in relationship break-up or divorce and do not fully heal, we carry hurt and resentment into the next relationship. The next relationship is therefore doomed from the start, with the inevitable result of the pain and hurt all over again.
Our goal in this community is to help you overcome this. You deserve to be free from the damage caused by divorce, failed relationships or a broken marriage.

Our organization is a 501c(3) organization and because of this we are giving you the opportunity to donate any amount for you to access the training packages. Your donation is to assist our organization to continue putting together life-transforming trainings in the future for you and others.

We have for you Packages put together from our highly popular Better Than Ever World Healing Summit with 24 Expert Speakers from all over the world. We have also added three new interviews that were never part of the Summit, just to give you a little bit more. Donate any amount, get access and start listening immediately. The journey to clarity, joy, and unbelievable healing has begun. See you at the membership events where we continue the work. I am so happy you are here. May You continue to be Strengthened by God. (amen)

These Are Your Experts

Get to know your Experts who have answered all burning  questions. Click on the Speaker names to view their Bio and Topic details.

Janet Bray
Celebrated transformational leader, #1 new york times bestselling author. Co-founder of the passion test
International consultant, leadership development expert and humanitarian. Founder of the voice of reason for women.
Dr. Dee
Adio Moses
Ordained Minister, Visionary, Author, Life Strategist and Educator
Best selling author of "The Essence of Womanhood", mind master, hypnotherapist with nlp. Relationship and Intimacy coach and Biodanza teacher
Author, international coach, change management expert Founder of the naked divorce
Award winning author, financial expert, master coach and martial artist
Author, coach and personal branding and image consultant
Award winning author, international coach and child-centered divorce expert
Life visioneer and international holistic life coach
Author, healer, teacher, transformational trainer, mind coach genius, and life changing strategist
International coach for dream realization. the fairy godmother
Theta healer, teacher, international relationship coach
Ordained minister, inner child expert, emmy award wining television producer
International speaker and women's coach
Master coach, spiritual counsellor and author.
Founder of coaching from spirit institute
Singles and couples master coach. Sex and sexuality expert
Non-adversarial break-up expert and starting over coach
Dr. Sylva
Doctor of Psychoneurology and Integrative Healing. Educator, Author and Speaker.
Author, master yoga teacher, trinity expert
Author, master coach, science of happy kids expert
Addiction counselor, recovery specialist and master coach. Stress management expert.
Author, International Life Coach, and Personal Transformation Expert
Author, divorce recovery expert, life and business coach
Master teacher. Relationship coach to divorced and bereaved women

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"Dear Dr. Dee, I am so grateful I came across the BTEAD teleseminar! I listened to several of the live calls, which were often around 1am my time, in Dubai. I learnt about life visualization from Lauren DiBiase and totally connected with Antiqua Libbey's talk. I was pretty much rock bottom, and more to the point, my daughter's suffering was devastating. I was lucky enough to buy the entire package of recordings, the VIP membership, and am very glad that I did! Adele Theron taught me a lot with 'the 14 causes of divorce'.. Healing myself with tips from Tarnie Fullon on the mind-body relationship. All this knowledge, which I'm slowly absorbing and implementing is priceless... I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't taken the BTEAD, and received the greatest gift, the one of hope, which you gave me, Dr. Dee...would I still be in the depths of depression?Thank God I took ACTION? Lots of love, and I pray many more women benefit from these resources you brought to us. Thanks!”
-- Xen, from Dubai

"Your speakers are just fantastic. I felt specially connected to Fi Ivin's work with women on a wobble, that after her presentation, I contacted her and we talked and shared and prayed together and feel that God has brought us together. I am excited to fly over to England and take part in her seminar, to continue my healing - So, dear Dee, thank you for your continued prayers! Thank you for inviting Fi to your show! Thank you for your love and support of people! Blessing to you and your love!"
-- Lori from Germany

"Thanks for this superb program. A very good friend of mine told me about it. I will forever be grateful to her. My husband left me about a year ago and I was absolutely devastated. I did not know where to turn to. Listening to your experts has saved my life. I am reborn, with a brand new attitude to life. Thank you!"
-- Lisa from Georgia

"I am at work right now but I am listening to this wonderful replay from you and Dr Angela.
It is awesome, I can relate with a lot of what you both shared especially the shame I felt all those years ago, I also felt like a failure - during my time there was no one to turn to - except to the church who couldn't really help as much as I wanted because being divorced was frowned upon. I thank God for this program. This is truly life changing!"

-- Zena from London

"Super super show!!! Thx again, Dr Dee! I'm ready for a better than ever life!!! Best timing! Thx so much! I just couldn’t get the info fast enough!! thanks so much!"
-- Jenn from London

"I just want to thank you for gathering all these great speakers together as well as having a replay for those of us that cannot listen at the time of the broadcast. I have learnt so much and really enjoyed them all and their powerful stories. I am in the midst of a 3 1/2 year divorce, it is definitely time for me to live again, thanks for making that possible!"
-- Sandy from Seattle, Washington

"Thank you so much for pulling together this series with various subject matter experts on dealing with the pain of divorce and healing.
I have had take-a-ways from all of your guest speakers and the one that resonated with me the most and had the greatest lessons was from Adele Theron on getting to the root cause of divorce--I have greater clarity on the role I played and also now get why I've been attracting a certain type of person into my life. My goal is to learn and not to repeat the same pattern and to have great discernment with people moving forward. Thank you for all of the gifts you have given so many soul sisters !"

-- Linda

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